Chairman of Luoxiang Group Pledges 10 million yuan to Charity Fund

10 Aug,2021

Charity is a symbol of civilization, and charity is a vivid display of human love. On December 24, 2020, the first meeting of the second council of the Mengyin County Charity Federation was grandly held in Dongmeng International, Mengyin County, Shandong Province.
The meeting announced the selection of the new leadership team of the Mengyin County Charity Association, and the list of members of the conference's presidium was approved through on-site voting. Comrade Luo Gongxiang, the Chairman of Shandong Luoxiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was elected as the Vice President of the Council, while Comrade Shen Yueyou, a fourth level researcher of the Mengyin County Political Consultative Conference and the Red Collar Secretary of the Luoxiang Party Branch, was elected as the Vice President and Secretary General of the Council.
At the same time, after the first meeting of the second council of the Charity Federation, a charity work conference in Mengyin County was held on-site to commend the advanced models that made outstanding contributions to the charity cause of our county from 2018 to 2020.
Among them, Shandong Luoxiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was rated as the "most beautiful caring enterprise", and President Luo was awarded the title of "exemplary individual in charity work". On behalf of the company, he pledged 10 million yuan of charity fund at today's charity work conference, all of which will be used for charity.
Mr. Luo stated that Luoxiang Group will cherish honor, continue to make efforts, and continue to promote the charitable purpose of "respecting kindness and helping the poor". As always, it will participate in charity, care for charity, and support charity. In future work, Luoxiang Group will actively contribute love to the disadvantaged groups, jointly promote the healthy development of charity in our county, and contribute its modest efforts to the construction of a "green, rich, and beautiful" new Mengyin.
A drop of water can reflect the radiance of the sun, and a love is enough to reflect the warmth of the world. There is love in heaven and earth, which transforms into all things; Nature has love, flowing in clouds and rain; There is love in the world, and life never ends. The path of public welfare is a long and arduous one, and Luoxiang Group will continue to contribute to the cause of public welfare. We also call on enterprises and the public to participate in public welfare undertakings, and China's public welfare undertakings are bound to usher in a new scene and face.