Good news! The official release of "Good Product Shandong", with Luoxiang Group listed on the list

30 May,2022

In order to establish the independent brand image of Shandong Province and achieve the goal of building a strong brand province, the construction of the "Good Shandong" regional public brand has been comprehensively promoted. On March 2nd, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference to release the first batch of "Good Shandong" brand names.
The first list covers 14 categories and 223 brands in the fields of manufacturing, consumer goods, and agricultural products. In the first batch of "Good Shandong" brand lists announced, Luoxiang Group was successfully selected. This achievement comes from Luoxiang Group's control over product quality, unremitting pursuit of technological innovation, and positive contributions to social welfare.
Luoxiang Group was established in 2009. The enterprise adheres to the principle of "technology as the guide, innovation as the driving force, and quality as the market", always taking innovation as the driving force for enterprise development. It has built research platforms such as Luoxiang Automotive Research Institute, Shanghai R&D Center, and postdoctoral workstations, and has 205 national patent authorizations. At present, the company is accelerating the research on intelligent operation of specialized vehicles, and the research project on hybrid semi trailers has achieved phased results; The intelligent assembly production line integrates PLM, ERP, MES, WMS and other systems through the big data center, coordinates the operation of each production module system, realizes information management, intelligent manufacturing, Digital transformation, and leads the industry development.
Brand Honors of Luoxiang Group ↓
In the 2019 70th anniversary of China's National Day celebration, gongs rang and trailers loaded and transported cranes that raised the huge national flag at the National Day Gala. They drove into Tiananmen Square and successfully completed the glorious task assigned by the country!
On November 30, 2020, Luo Zong, Chairman of Luoxiang Group, was invited to give an explanation on the disc brake in the "Today's Talk" column of CCTV Comprehensive Channel CCTV-1.
Luoxiang Trailer was invited to participate in the CCTV news channel CCTV-13 "Looking at China Along the Expressway" program, crossing the longest desert highway - the Beijing Xinjiang Expressway, to witness the high-speed development of our country.
Luoxiang Trailer was invited to participate in CCTV CCTV-9's "Bumpy Freight Road", accompanying cardholders throughout the country, showcasing their product strength and perfectly coping with various complex road conditions in China.
Luoxiang Group Love Charity ↓
On the path of charity, the Luoxiang Group has been taking action. As early as the beginning of the epidemic in Wuhan, Luoxiang Group donated 1 million yuan to Wuhan on January 27, 2020 to fight against COVID-19, and subsequently provided several aid delivery vehicles.
The company has established a Charity and Caring Association, with a fixed annual investment of 1 million yuan for assisting families of struggling employees and caring charitable assistance.  
At the Charity Work Conference in Mengyin County, Luoxiang Group pledged 10 million yuan in charity funds, all of which were used for charitable purposes, and was awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Love Enterprise"!
In the future, Luoxiang Group will take advantage of the opportunity to build a public brand of "Good Shandong", continue to leverage its brand advantages, further enhance brand reputation and competitiveness, play a leading role in demonstration, and make more contributions to building high-quality brand development in Shandong!