'Carrying goods' becomes' carrying disasters'! Extra high vehicles are penalized

07 Oct,2021

There is no doubt that trucks carry goods, but there are rules and regulations on how to safely carry goods. Ignoring traffic regulations and embracing a sense of luck, be careful not to turn "carrying goods" into "carrying disasters".
Recently, the Liberation South Road Brigade of Tianjin Traffic Police Hexi Branch received intelligence information that a red small truck near Guangdong Road on the Central Ring Road in Hexi District is suspected of exceeding the height limit, posing a traffic safety hazard, and affecting the normal passage of other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. At 20:10, the vehicle was intercepted along Dagu South Road.


The driver of the car admitted to having a lucky mentality and, in order to reduce the number of round-trip trips, transported the waste at an extremely high cost.
The traffic police conducted serious criticism and education on the driver, and subsequently fined the driver 300 yuan and scored 1 point on the driver's license for two illegal behaviors, including "breaking the traffic ban" and "exceeding the limit", and ordered them to immediately rectify the exceeding limit illegal behavior until the traffic illegal behavior was eliminated before being released.


So what are the hazards of truck exceeding length, width, and height?
Block the line of sight
Trucks themselves have a problem with large blind spots. If the loaded goods are too long, too wide, and too high, it is easy to block the rearview mirror view, expand the blind spot, and more easily cause traffic accidents.
Crowding lanes
Extra wide trucks are easy to occupy other lanes, which not only causes traffic congestion, but also can cause scratches when meeting other vehicles, affecting freight safety;
Extra long trucks also need to occupy their lane when turning, and the view at the turn is already narrow. If the oncoming vehicle fails to brake properly, it is highly likely to cause traffic accidents.
Easy to cause spillage, endangering road safety
Overgauge trucks are prone to littering if their cargo exceeds a part of the vehicle body and is not properly reinforced or scraped by other vehicles. Road litters that are not handled in a timely manner can pose great danger to other vehicles.
Trucks are too high, causing greater harm
If the goods are higher than the vehicle body, it will not only cause the center of gravity of the vehicle to shift upwards, but also more likely to cause a rollover accident and increase the risk of truck transportation. Moreover, in many cities with limited height, it is easy for trucks to scratch or get stuck on bridges or under height limit poles, which can easily lead to road congestion.
Freight vehicles that are too high, too wide, or too long pose significant road traffic safety hazards. We hope that truck drivers can strictly abide by the loading regulations for freight vehicles and drive in a civilized and safe manner!