Customer Service Center

The company has over 2000 distributors of various types nationwide, including over 500 core distributors, and has a loyal customer base of several hundred thousand, with an annual growth rate of tens of thousands. In this era of increasingly fierce market competition, honest management and sincere cooperation have become powerful guarantees for the development of an enterprise. We firmly believe that as long as we have the same goals, the courage to innovate, sincere cooperation, and unity and progress, we will ultimately achieve win-win development!

Service Center

Eight major capacity growth


Strengthen the capacity building of the after-sales service team
Through talent introduction and professional training, improve the service awareness and level of the service team, and provide professional service support for the market.
Focus on promoting the construction of after-sales service stations
Through strict inspection and approval processes, in accordance with industry standards for website construction, integrate high-quality resources in the industry, and establish a comprehensive service network
Integrated sales and service management
Strengthen communication skills with service stations, build spare parts reserves and service capabilities in local offices, and provide timely services to customers.


Eight major capacity growth


Strengthen service capability training

Provide comprehensive training to service stations through video conferencing, on-site training, and other means to enhance their compliance with company management and enhance their service capabilities.

Strengthen the ability to ensure the supply of accessories
Improve the supply capacity of accessories; Enhance the spare parts reserve capacity; Strengthen procurement guarantee management to fully meet market demand for accessories; Increase the planning of accessory management.

Service Center
Service Center

Eight major capacity growth

Service Express Settings
Sales concentrated areas and vehicle usage concentrated areas, equipped with dedicated gongs for service, established service emergency response channels, and provided emergency services to customers.
Integration of supporting services
Upgrade the capabilities of service stations, improve their service capabilities, and increase their comprehensive profitability.
Improved customer relationship maintenance capabilities
Conduct follow-up visits to key markets and customers, maintain customer relationships, enhance product reputation, and improve customer satisfaction.